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Hello World!

My name is Bart Pellegrino, born and raised Veldhoven the Netherlands.

As a young boy I became fascinated by computers. At the time, no one knew how computers would influence our current daily work and private lives. Neither did I, but the passion for IT and telling everyone about it, stayed and only grew as the years came by so I knew I’ve found one of my passions in life; IT.
In 1997 I started an education in IT, which was a brand new thing at the time. Ever since graduation in 2001 I’ve been working in IT; Support, Systems Admin & Hardware Techie, Onsite Engineer, Technical Consultant and now Technical Trainer for the EMEA

In 2018 i got elected by Veeam Software as Veeam Vanguard.
Just a few weeks later, I also got awarded Veeam Certified Trainer of the Year.
Ever since, I made the decision to make a career move, as I grabbed the opportunity to start as Technical Trainer EMEA for Veeam Software.
Just to make it clear to everyone; Blogs, Study and Exam materials are by no means supported or created by Veeam Software.


Keep dreaming, keep veeaming!
Bart Pellegrino


this is me
  • Reading to my daughter

  • Host  a BBQ in the sun (or snow for that matter)

  • Scuba dive in a warm blue ocean!

  • Vacation!