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Of course offsite!

3-2-1 The 3-2-1 rule for backups is a well known and proven method to make sure you always have a copy of your data available. 3 Copies of your data, available on 2 different media types and 1 copy is stored offsite. The philosophy of having an onsite backup and offsite backup as well, is [...]

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What is that RTPO you talk about?

Want to make a systems admin frown? Ask him this: “If a mission critical server fails, how long may it take to restore?” Chances are that you are the first person ever to have asked him this question and an answer often sounds something like; “As fast as we can, but I don’t think we [...]

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Backup vs Disaster Recovery

In this blog, i’d very much like to discuss the the differences between 2 concepts; Backup and disaster recovery. All too often I need to point out the major differences of both concepts and possibly let someone down who though they had a super backup solution, only to find out that they have a disaster [...]

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