Revision of the VMCE training goes Live @ VeeamON 2019

VMCE 9.5 update 4

If you work with Veeam Backup & Replication it’s hard to have missed the massive update that got released this January – V9.5 Update 4.
But if you did, check out this Kb for all information on Update 4!

Fitting all the new features into the VMCE course was a massive challenge.
Are we keeping the VMCE at 3 days, or do we need to make it a 4-day class instead?
While the easy choice would be to make the course take 4 days, this could have implications for cost and planning/scheduling the class.
So before we could make that decision, it would be wise for us to see if we could fit it all in a 3-day course after all.

More info in the same amount of time

This is where our journey starts; what information is relevant, what is outdated and what should be removed? Once that was clear, we had to review our own labs as well: What is good, what can be improved and which steps could be made to improve the overall speed and flow of the labs. After many considerations, there was a plan!
If we would split up the modules of the VMCE into smaller modules, completely rearrange them all and optimize the workflow of the labs, we would able to fit in all new and important topics without needing more time for the training!
The proposal was discussed with Veeam Certified Trainers and the Feedback we received was good and the trainers seemed very happy about the changes.

To make a comparison between the old and new revision:

VMCE 9.5 Update 3

VMCE 9.5 Update 4





Initial configuration

General Options


Creating VM Backups

Entire VM recovery

Creating Agent Backups

Object Recovery

Recovery from Backup


Object Recovery

Intro to Agents

Creating Replicas

Advanced Data Protection

Recovery from Replicas

Veeam ONE Features and Functionalities

Creating Backup Copies

Product Editions

Creating Tape Backups


Backup Repository Functionality

Automated Recovery Testing

Staged Restore

Secure Restore

Transport Modes

Cloud Connect Client Side

Backup Enterprise Manager

Configuration Backup and Restore


Common Issues and Support


In the Update 3 version of the VMCE, some Lectures would take very long, as would be some labs. With the latest revision, overall, lectures take 20-30 minutes on average, followed up by Labs of about 30 minutes.
This creates a much better learning and teaching experience, so win-win!

Beta classes

Another thing that always needs to be done before the class can go live are Beta Classes. Both Rasmus and me did a few Beta classes for both Veeam System Engineers and Partners.
Some were new, some did the VMCE 9.5 u3 course and some were Veeam Certified Architects already. This all to get as much feed back as we could get, from a mixed audience.
During these beta classes, we noticed that the course did work out as designed; better flow, information was brought in a steadily increasing difficulty level and some important details we will now teach when all the basics are understood and confirmed with labs first. This meant that there is a lot less load on the students and the trainers.

The icing on the cake

Nearly all of the modules have a lab to give the students hands-on experience with that what they’ve just learned. As an extra, the Official Veeam Labs, hosted by Learn On Demand, have received a few optional labs:
1. Deployment of VEEAM-VBR2 and restore of config. Backup
2. Install Veeam ONE
3. Install VBEM
4. Install VBR
These labs are therefore perfect to learn everything you need about Veeam Backup & Replication; some are done during the training and the optional labs can be done whenever the students want; during the studying period, to pass the exam, or perhaps for testing and Demo situation.
I can almost hear you thinking; “But Bart, once the training is over, there is no way for us to go back and do those optional labs, or even use the labs to study!”
Not per se though!
All the Veeam Authorized Education Centres that use the official Veeam Labs, hosted by Learn on Demand will receive days of 180 FREE access to the VMCE Labs.

The Exam

Will the exam change with the new release of the VMCE training?
Yes, it will. All questions are revised and new questions are added into the pool of questions that we have.
We also removed questions that are not relevant anymore, such as questions about product editions.

As of the beginning of June, the new VMCE 9.5 Update 4 exam will be available to book at Pearson Vue. When you book the exam, be sure you do NOT book the VMCE 9.5 update 3 exam! After a short transition period, the update 3 exam will be taken offline.

The website

Once VeeamON is over and I am back in the Netherlands, the VMCE pages and flashcards will be redone to match the newly updated VMCE.
Of course this is not done within a few minutes, so please be patient as i try to deliver quality over speed.

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