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VMCE Flashcards – Chapter 2: Deployment

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[i] Chapter 2: Overview of Veeam Products

[q] What is the function or role of a Veeam Backup Server?

[a] configuration and control center

[q] On which type of machine can a Veeam Backup Server be installed?

[a] On both a Physical and Virtual Machine

[q] What is the function or role of a Veeam Backup Proxy (VMware)

[a] Process jobs, Deduplicate and Compress, and deliver backup traffic>

[q] On which type of machine can a Veeam Backup Proxy (VMware) be installed?

[a] On both a Physical and Virtual Machine

[q] On which type of machine can a Veeam Off-Host Proxy (Hyper-V) be installed?

[a] Only on a dedicated physical server

[q] Can you discribe what a Veeam Backup repository is?

[a] A backup repository is a location used by Veeam Backup & Replication jobs to store backup files, copies of VMs and metadata for replicated VMs. Technically, a backup repository is a folder on the backup storage.

[q] What types of Veeam Backup Repository can you create? (4 types)

[a] – Windows Server
– Linux Server
– Shared Folder
– Deduplication Appliance

[q] Can you Describe what the Veeam Backup Service is for?

[a] Manages scheduled jobs, serves Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager requests>

[q] Can you Describe what the Veeam Installer Service does?

[a] Enables installing, updating and configuring Veeam Backup & Replication components>

[q] What is the function of the Veeam Backup Catalog Service?

[a] Manages guest OS file system indexing for VMs and replicates system index data files to enable search through guest OS files>

[q] Which 3 transport modes can Veeam utilize for data retrieval when working in a VMware environment?

[a] – Direct Storage Access
– Virtual Appliance Mode
– Network Mode

[q] Which 3 deployment scenario’s are there?

[a] Typical, Advanced and Distributed

[q] Veeam Backup & Replication offers two modes for processing data. Do you know which 2?

[a] On-Host and Off-Host backup modes

[q] Windows and Linux Repositories comunicate directly with the Veeam Data Mover Service, but a Shared Folder or Deduplicating Storage appliance doesn’t. What is the name of the component which they communicate with?

[a] A Gateway server (Exeption is the Exagrid Deduplicating Appliance, which act like a Linux Repository)

[q] A Scale Out Backup Repository (or SOBR) uses 2 different modes, which ones?

[a] Data Locality and Performance mode

[q] Do you know what the U-AIR wizard is used for?

[a] To allow users to recover individual items from any virtualized application.>

[q] What is a Mount Server for?

[a] To reduce restore traffic when restoring to remote site>

[q] Which steps are recommended to do before you upgrade Veeam Backup & Replication?

[a] – Go through release notes
– Back up your Veeam SQL database and your Veeam configuration
– Check that you have your license for new version

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